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Tips for Correctly Applying Self-Tanner

Most people who are fair-skinned usually opt for self-tanner. Like everybody, you want your skin to glow, but you do not want anything that will cause damage to your skin. If applied in the right manner, you will have a golden beautiful skin which will look great with an ultra-white sundress. If however, you do not use it correctly, you can have streaks and patches. The following tips can help you to use tanner the right way.


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First-timers are usually nervous using tanning products for the first time. It is advisable to opt for a one-day tanner to be safe. This will help you to get a better idea of what your skin looks like after your first application. In case you are still worried, you can use a regular tanner and remove it after a few hours. Ensure you wash it off before the color is developed completely.


Whereas most self-tanners come in one bottle, you require some tools as well. For example, you may want to get a tanning mitt, an exfoliator, wet wipes, and skin moisturizer. You need to ensure that you gather all the tools you require for the job.

Prepare the Problem Areas

Before you apply a self-tan, ensure you watch out for areas with breakouts or dry areas. Do not forget to use a moisturizer barrier on some areas like the feet, joints, and hands. This helps to prevent such areas from getting darker. Additionally, you need to apply some moisturizer with the help of a cotton ball to eczema or acne affected areas.

Exfoliate Before Tanning

face exfoliationFor an even color, ensure you get a smooth canvas. You can also wax or shave 24 hours before using the tan. This is because hair removal may cause some irritation and make the skin a bit sensitive. It is therefore wise to exfoliate the skin a day before the tanning job. This also helps to remove dead skin. You also need to run a bit of ice over your skin before applying a tanning product to constrict the hair follicles and pores.

Do not Worry About Using Excess

At first, you may hesitate to apply a lot of the solution. You should not be hesitant. Ensure you use enough of the solution for it to glide without any effort on your skin. You need not to worry about using an excess of the product since your skin will not absorb more than a given amount of the solution.

If the first session goes well and you intend to continue using the product during summer, ensure you prep your skin before every session. Choose the best self-tanner to get the best results.